About EduPoint Learning Center

EDUPOINT LEARNING CENTER specially work among school students from eight to tenth standard. “Education is the creation of sound mind in a sound body” and primarily encompasses an all-around development of an individual in perfect way. Our main aim is to make the future leaders from our school going children who serve the community tomorrow. TO give an all round development and ensuring the progressive development of natural abilities. To help our children’s to prepare for a better future. Aim to make individual responsible towards the society and a knowledgeable social animal as through social interaction, he becomes aware of his responsibilities.

EDUPOINT LEARNING CENTER are a group of young, like-minded individuals. What binds them together is a passion for education, sincerity of purpose and flair for innovation. Each of us is an enthusiastic contributor towards our core purpose — help students realize their potential and make their dreams come true. So, all in Edu Heights are encouraged to be inside the classroom — to mentor, interact and understand different students.

We are committed to sustaining a class, to develop intellectually capable young people, their creative minds, and needed to contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to a global society.

We recognize each student as an individual; that all students are creative; that all students need to succeed. Therefore, we respect the individual needs of students; foster a caring and creative environment; and emphasize the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each student. We strive to be a community of learners in which all members use their minds well and care about one another.


  • To promote & inculcate the quest for success in the tutees.
  • To strengthen the tutee’s subject foundation through concept clarity.
  • To Cater & harness a comprehensive student focused learning environment to develop long lasting learning attitude and overall academic excellence in the tutees.
  • To enable the tutees to acquire better concentration, focused attention and improved confidence to score high in their respective examinations.
  • To partner with the parents in their child’s voyage to an elegant career resulting in overall development of the Nation.

There is brilliant child locked inside every student’. by Marva Collins We believe that every child is unique and has enormous potential within them to excel. We facilitate each child to unlock their potential, develop their confidence and achieve academic excellence. The key of the lock being our strategic teaching and learning programs, enabling the child to develop love for learning and to groom his/her learning skills and competitive abilities thereby eliminating the fear of study, exam-phobia and to build-in the necessary foundation of self confidence to be a successful citizen.